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Bodyweight Burn Review

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Bodyweight Burn Introduction

Bodyweight Burn is a program that has been specifically designed to build lean muscle while burning fat. However, unlike many other health programs and diets, this is actually an exercise program that still includes a diet plan – only as an extra.

If you are looking for results in weight loss – or in other words, a lean stomach, smooth waistline and bigger muscles – then Bodyweight Burn is definitely something to consider.

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So, what is the Bodyweight Burn actually?

In a nutshell, it’s a combination of body workouts plus the right diet. It is a program developed by Ryan Murdoch and Adam Steer, both coaches with numerous certificates and who are known for their role and participation in the fitness industry as bodyweight training experts.

The Bodyweight Burn is a program that is designed to trim at least 21 pounds of fat from your body in only 12 weeks. But the best part is that it is made up of 21-minute-per day bodyweight workouts and a carb diet plan that goes additionally into the package.

If 21 pounds seems like too much for you and you want to lose less, the Bodyweight Burn is still one of the top choices you should consider making. It is the ultimate trimmer and muscle-builder, which allows you to have the complete body you want – in the way you want it.

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Who Should Start With Bodyweight Burn?

Once again, Bodyweight Burn is aimed at people looking to shed some fat while building lean muscle and developing an athletic body – whether it’s for an upcoming wedding, summer vacation, or just transforming their life in a better way.

So, if you want to be the bulkiest of them all, the most muscular guy with the least amount of body fat, all it takes is 21 minutes per day to eventually reach that goal in 12 weeks.

The REAL truth behind Bodyweight Burn is, the exercises are really tough. But are your motivation and commitment tough enough to handle them? We think so.

The good thing about this program is that even with the tough exercises, it is applicable to people with any fitness level and experience. Keeping up as much as you can as your fitness improves is the key to success with this program – and in the event that you are not comfortable during the workout, you can always upscale or downscale its level.

Bodyweight Burn – What Does the Whole Package Consist Of?

1.) BW3 Workout System Manual. The main aspect of this package is its three workout strategies that leverage an energy-based approach to a workout, each 21 minutes long, including:

The Cardioflow Workout – the essential one for the “fat- burning zone”.

The Afterburner Workouts – high-interval workout sessions made so that your body can keep burning fat even 38 hours AFTER you finish your workout session.

The Metabolic-Muscle Workouts – made to build and maintain lean and calorie-burning muscle, optimizing your insulin sensitivity to the maximum.

Basically, the workouts can be easily adapted and are challenging for anyone from beginner to expert, which is why Bodyweight Burn is effective. Time-wise, this program is broken up into two six-week phases, the first one made up of Cardioflow workouts and the second of Metabolic-Muscle workouts, summing up the 12-week plan.

2.) Carb-Synch Diet System Manual. This is the diet strategy behind Bodyweight Burn. It normally consists of feeding your muscles with carbs at the right times in which they deprive your body but also promote fat burning, and it’s great knowledge to have with any workout program.

This healthy diet consists of carbs and is scientifically designed so that you can shed fat while working out and be energized to the maximum. It is a diet that puts each meal into a category – low-carb, medium-carb or high-carb. Also known as a carb-synch diet, this diet is great because it lets you pick your food and plan your meals according to the food you love eating and the workouts you are doing (making sure they match).

3.) BW3 Exercise System Manual. The guide to every exercise present in the Bodyweight Burn program, with a lot of pictures and screenshots helping you along the way. It is the ultimate guide to the exercises, and even if you are not much into the workout scheme, with this manual you will easily pick up some of the best exercise routines and how-tos.

4.) Exercise Instruction Video. It is essential to know how to perform every exercise, and the exercise instruction video is your guide. It consists of detailed video instructions of every exercise in order to shape your form in the right way. Some of the exercises in Bodyweight Burn are tough, but even tougher if you don’t know how to do them well. And that’s what the exercise instruction video is for – to teach you how to get ripped.

5.) Handy Wall Charts. Motivation, anyone? YES – and these charts are made to keep you on track and moving during your workouts instead of checking out every exercise. Obviously, you should print out the wall charts and watch all the videos; it will make it easier to remember the exercises and have your go-to guide attached to your wall to motivate you and keep you on track with your progress.

6.) Workout Log. You can track your progress with the Workout Log template, which allows you to write down anything and be motivated and on track during your workouts. This is especially useful in order to control your body, your diet and, most importantly, your exercise routine.

So, wondering about benefits (and bad things) about Bodyweight Burn?

The Benefits of Bodyweight Burn

It requires no gym equipment or subscription, cutting down your costs and making your home the arena of losing weight.

It has amazingly effective exercises which are proven to work and are unique only within this bodyweight program.

It is easy to follow and explained in detail, which is a great benefit for every beginner.

The exercises are really fun and exciting, summing up to an excellent workout session balanced with great exercises every single time.

You can work out anywhere, whether in your room, on a vacation or even at the office.

There is a huge library of instructional and follow-along videos which make your get-ripped process easy to track.

The Bad Sides of Bodyweight Burn

There are no meal plans given, but only types of foods which you may consume.

For some people the workouts can be difficult, not from the point of doing them but for sticking to the plan – especially if you love visiting the gym.

So, Should You or Should You Not? A Final Word on Bodyweight Burn

With tons of people trying it out and even more getting successfully ripped, you can find an endless directory of before-and-after pictures, testimonials and many other things clarifying that Bodyweight Burn is an effective program for many.

The truth is, Bodyweight Burn is excellent for people that don’t want to hit the gym but would rather work out in short yet effective sessions at home. Twenty-one minutes per day is nothing compared to the process of going to exercise, which may sum up to three hours, and that’s one of the best things about Bodyweight Burn. With a solid diet accompanying the program and a huge variety of explained how-to videos, there is nothing you would like more than to lose weight.

In the end, if you don’t like the program after purchasing it, you can ask for a refund – no questions asked – which leaves us to conclude that Bodyweight Burn has all one needs for a relatively quick weight-loss and muscle-burning process.

It’s time to get started, don’t you think? Trust us, you won’t regret it!
For more information visit the Official Site of Bodyweight Burn.